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We are now featuring our new Spring Menu

Come see us on Brunch Saturdays and Sundays

When Sweetgrass first opened its doors, many came to experience the traditional dishes of North America's original Peoples. We are grateful to have had such a positive response from the community of Ottawa and visitors alike. In turn, we would like to thank everyone for welcoming Ottawa's first aboriginal cuisine.

Sweetgrass embraces the dishes with traditional methods and ingredients that encompass a fine meal for any appetite. From preparation to serving on a hot plate, the care put into the dishes will leave no doubt for satisfaction.

Dining at Sweetgrass is an experience. Alongside the food, the walls are decorated with true artistic aboriginal expressions; a gallery showcasing Aboriginal talent. With harmonious sounds that stream through the dining room, a eye full of art pieces and an open kitchen, we are sure that this experience of yours will be cherished time and time again. Overall complimented by a high, friendly level of service and professional staff.

Please check out our menus or call to find out what's cooking. We look forward to welcoming your return visit, and especially your first. Hope to see you here!

Phoebe Sutherland