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Day Brunch


Ribs and Eggs – Slow cooked Bison Ribs, home fries and 2 poached eggs.

Breakfast Burrito – Scrabbled Eggs, spinach, jack cheese with picco de gallo, and sour cream

Seafood Cakes – Cucumber Dill Sauce, lemon lime Vinaigrette, green salad

Seasoned Bison Burger – 100% In house ground buffalo, all dressed with in house smoked
mozzarella cheese on a grilled sesame seed bun

Sweetgrass Style French toast –Roasted Garlic and Bacon Maple Syrup, Topped with apple jelly

Wild Rice and Blueberry Blini
– Sage Breakfast Sausage, herb butter

In-House Smoked Wild Salmon

On pumpernickel rye w/ herb cream cheese, pickled onions & Crème Fraiche

Sides, Additions and Extras


Sage breakfast Sausage

In house Smoked Bacon

Honey mustard glazed ham

Mashed Potatoes

French fries

Mac and Cheese (regular)

Cup of Soup

On the Dessert Table

Breakfast Pastries
Fruit Salad

Brunch Cocktails