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Lunch Menu

Spring 2011

For Starters


Soup of the day
Daily soup inspired by weather, the season and the chef’s imagination

Mexican Spiced Cream of Mushroom

Gathering Nations Salad
Our own lettuce blend, market vegetables, pepitas and sunflower seeds
With Awazibi maple and mustard dressing

Our Standards
Seasoned Bison Burger
100% In house ground buffalo, all dressed with in house smoked mozzarella cheese on a grilled sesame seed bun

Powwow Trail Indian Taco
Navajo fry bread topped with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, roasted tomato salsa and sour cream

For The Spring

Fisherman’s Pasta
Fish fresh off the Boat, Shrimp and salt cod with potatoes and a beautiful tomato and leek sauce.
Garnished with in house dill bread.

Wild Rice Pasta
Sauteed Christophe Mixed Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach with Goat cheese sauce

Chicken Sandwich
Your choice of either Breaded or Grilled Chicken Breast served on our Home-Made Bun.
Topped with Garlic Aioli and served with Fresh Cut Fries.

Game Meat Meatloaf
Topped with Sweetgrass BBQ Sauce and served with Carrot Slaw and Homefries.

Game Bird Sausage
Homemade Sausage wrapped in a pastry served with our own mustard and ketchup with a coleslaw.

Navajo Fry Bread - Fries  $3.00

*Please inform your server of ANY allergies*